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"Burn in Hell"

My mousepad says that to me every day, I don't know why, maybe he's not very polite since I don't take care of him as much as I should but it's not my fault. Still doesn't give him a right to say that to me though..

So I'm not sure whether to keep this LJ or make a new one, it's been a good two years since I've even used this shitfest properly so I'm not sure whether to "tabula-rasa" it or just keep going with this one.. Plus I doubt anyone reads this anymore now any way.

The main thing it'll be for is music I suppose, my style has changed greatly and I would say my production skills, mixing skills and musical skills in general have improved. For anyone that cares (or who doesn't know) I picked up guitar nearing two years ago now, learnt it pretty quickly, still am naturally as you will always learn on guitar.. You can never be a true "master" of it in a sense. My style has switched from, some form of idiocy to a coherent blend of down-tempo themed music such as ambient, trip-hop and lounge. With a fairly bluesy/jazz feel in a few songs. I'm currently working on an EP/demo album thing which I'm not really sure what to do with. I've made a total of eleven tracks right now, a few which I do want to go over and edit but I don't know whether to release an EP of some six tracks and save them for a debut album later or just release it now. I'm leaning more towards the EP idea currently although it's still difficult to figure out which will be better. Oh well, all in due time I suppose.

The current tracklist is as follows

  1. Intro

  2. The Hallowed

  3. Through the Shadows

  4. Inferior

  5. Secret Containment Policy

  6. Stars/Voices

  7. Silken Contrived Smiles

  8. Infraction

  9. Urgent Issues of Importance

  10. Descent

  11. Outro (Requiem - Lamenting the Dirge)

Though it is currently subject to change.

The songs are slow, dark, mostly calm and peaceful.. A lot of them share influence with groups like Portishead, especially Stars/Voices which is a "cover" I suppose - which I'm going to have to get clarification rights for. A few people have listened to them both strangers and friends a like and I've been told that I should try to get it to companies and such because it is quite good music, I'm trying my best now to figure out what to do although first off I'd like to finish the tracks properly.. I'm always open to suggestions though and hopefully someone will look at this so if you have anything to say please do.

I guess that's it for now.
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