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Eraseable - Expendable...

... Untraceable - Unmendable

10 December 1989
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aggrotech, agnosticism, alexandra, ambient music, angeldust, ap2, apathy, argyle park, armadillos, assemblage 23, astronomy, astrophysics, avalanches, backkom, backwoods, badgers, beauty-beast vocals, being a dork, being a hermit, being a smart ass, being awesome, being sarcastic, beth gibbons, bill bailey, blatantly mean humour, blizzards, brave new worlds, brewing beer in robots, brimming with epæcity, britishisms, brrr, buka, bukasdead, celldweller, chaos theory, chatterbox, circle of dust, cold weather, communism, cosmology, covenant, crackpot and conspiracy theories, cubs, cyberpunk, cynicism, dan albert, deathwish, ditching people for nothing, ditching people for sleep, doing awesome things, down-tempo, dread, dry wit, dystopian worlds, ebm, echidnas, electro-industrial, emilie autumn, fantasy settings, female jazz/blues vocalists, francis e dec, fred, freshly brewed coffee, funeral doom, futurama, futurepop, gary, good news week, hail, heldweller, hibernating, ice, ignoring social situations, immortal, immortality, incessant questioning, industrial, interacting in social situations, keeping nothing sacred, kittens, klank, klay scott, klayton, kpax, laughing at anything, learning, lexy, liv kristine, lvl, martial pop, massive attack, medieval history, medieval war tactics, medieval weaponry, menthol, mmorpgs, mortis, mythology, nanotechnology, nihilism, noise, ny posse, online infamy and e-fame, pale skin, paranoid schizophrenics, philosophy, pigeons, playing guitar, polarbears, portishead, post-industrial, powerful lusts for salmon, psychology, puppies, rain, raymond e. feist, regina spektor, religions, remembering dreams, sarcasm, scott albert, siberia, sky/stargazing, sleeping in on weekdays, snorgles, snow, speaking in tongues, steampunk, synthpop, tennis, the arctic and antarctic, the future, the terminal, theatre of tragedy, theology, theories, time travel, trip-hop, turtles and tortoises, utopian worlds, v for vendetta, video games, waiting..., waking at four am, waking at four pm, webb, weird hair colours, wisdom *fist*, wolves, writing music